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Events Planning

Planned to Perfection specializes in providing tailored events for a diverse client base. Empowered with an ingrained passion for helping others and making their events memorable for a lifetime, we go above and beyond to enrich enhance and embellish every event we get our hands-on

Planned to Perfection strives hard to remove every apprehension with respect to your budget, time and location constraints, hence making an event that overcomes all your expectations.


What good is an event without an exemplary catering service.

Remember the last time you went to an event and had not-so-good food? Ruins the whole event doesn’t it. Well, Planned to Perfection is here so you don’t hear that from your guests as we pride in our quality fresh food and a service to match.

We provide all-inclusive catering services for all events big or small. Despite what number of guests, you may plan on inviting, we are fully capable of providing catering to your esteemed guests and more so, with style. Your guests are guaranteed to make memories of delicious food from the event that will forever be etched in their memories.


Flowers aplenty or balloons galore, you choose it we can do it. Planned to perfection can create stunning backdrops and other décor elements that add to the beauty of your event. Whether it’s a birthday party, a corporate event or a cozy wedding ceremony, you can rest assured that it is going to be a grand one.

Hardly anyone appreciates a boring event with no color and personality. We strives to give your party the soul it needs to make it memorable for you and your guest alike.